Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beautiful Botanicals 2 & Bridal Beauty

 I used A Muse Studio stamps on this card. I use those leaves all the time! They look so cool embossed with sparkling black powder. Out of respect for a|s's traditionally CAS style, I do try to tone my a|s cards down a bit, but I'm not making any promises that they will all be that way! This set is called Beautiful Botanicals 2.

 I used Bridal Beauty here for sort of a grunge or perhaps Scottish wedding. I don't know what gets into me sometimes. I guess I just don't like for my stuff to look like everyone else's or like it's "supposed" to look. I'm contrary that way, and have no plans to change.
That dress sure is sweet, though, isn't it? I probably will make a more traditional wedding card now that I got this one out of my system!


  1. Hi Carla!!
    I wasn't sure which blog to reply to!! You have a few! Good for you!!
    And thank yo so much for visiting me today!! I am so happy you liked my bedroom makeoer!!
    Your card is awesome! I like the sheet music on the heart!

  2. Hi I just checked my blog as for your comment about Sliceing. I didn't spell it worng for the meanig that you think. I spelled it that way Because I have a Slice machine my making memoires.(you see I don't own a cricut. AND I love my Slice. On another note thank you for the comments on my Blog. Jessica

  3. Cute cards, I will go over to your other blog. Just because you said. and our work is awesome
    DIANA L.


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